The Change & Acceptance Journey – This Journey is Temporarily Unavailable

When you arrive for your journey you will be given time to write in your journal answering some thought-provoking questions such as “What needs to be changed or accepted?”, “What is stopping you from acting presently?”, “How will this change affect your life?”. This enables you to examine what obstacles are blocking your progress up to this point, as well to develop a timeline for the change. The journaling is only for you unless you want to share with your LMTs.

In the massage room, the LMTs will help you relax with a smudging and drum playing before the guided meditation. The meditation is used to calm your mind. The crystals have been chosen specifically for the Change and Acceptance Journey and will already be placed under your massage table when you arrive. Throughout your time on the table, you will feel the subtle energy of the stones helping you on your path. A stone has been selected for each chakra with focuses on strength, security, and overcoming obstacles.

Next comes a four-hand massage to concentrate on the parts of your body that correspond to the process of acceptance and change. The massage portion of the journey is intended to calm your body. At this point, your mind, body, and your intentions will be aligned and allow you to find a deeper understanding of the challenges that brought you here.

The journey will conclude with another quiet time to journal reflecting on the session and your initial answers to the first questions. You will take home your journal, the stones from the crystal therapy, a description of your experience and an explanation of the purpose of each step.

There is also an opportunity for a follow-up session with one of your massage therapists, who – if you wish – will contact you halfway through the timeline you set in your journal.   This session will be unique to your current needs.

$299 for 3 hours

Important disclaimer:  This journey is not a miracle cure but a tool you can add to your tool belt for better living. Each experience is different and not everyone will (or should be expected to) have the same outcome.