The Focus & Empowerment Journey

Lang and Gazel created this journey for our Day Spa in order to help you towards a life that is beyond surviving. We not only put together a path for you to understand the language of energy, but also ways to reduce stress, balance emotions, support immunity, improve your relationships, and address physical concerns.

The included daily routine also empowers the innate ability to provide healing for ourselves, enabling you to walk your journey more alive than ever before! Let our Finger Lakes Spa be your partner in your healing and self-empowerment journey! We will tap specific acupressure points on the body with intention, move energy with your hands, and do simple postures/exercises to restore energy flow. Use these techniques at your leisure, learn about your individual response to stress, and work with or correct imbalances directly.

1st day: Empowerment

  • Initial evaluation of your energy system
  • Bio feedback tests so you get to visually see and feel what your energies are communicating
  • Learn the energy routine and start building a stronger foundation for your whole system
  • Approximately: 1.5 hours

2nd day: Re-evaluate and Focus

  • Energy routine in the morning (weather permitted we will be outdoors)
  • Retests for problem areas and areas of concern
  • Followed by a full hands-on healing session with your practitioner
  • Approximately: 1 hour

In this journey you’ll also receive:

  • The daily energy routine booklet
  • Recommended individual core exercises for your specific concerns
  • Specifically chosen crystals as a take home gift to support focus and self-empowerment

Although it is not necessary it is recommended to do this journey with a partner. It is also recommended that you turn your journey into a retreat, and enjoy a stay at our neighboring Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast! For individuals who want to do the full experience in one day, we also have this available as a day journey. Any questions feel free to call our Finger Lakes Day Spa at 607-387-6033.


  • Individual: $269
  • Couple $469