Oxygen Bar

The Oxygen Bar, more commonly referred to as the “O2 Bar,” provides supplemental, pure oxygen infused with aromas that promote relaxation and replenishment. The oxygen concentrator within the Oxygen Bar purifies oxygen from the ambient air. Purified oxygen then passes through a choice of four aromatic plant extract/essential oil blends before it reaches the client.

Proponents of supplemental oxygen spa treatment cite several health benefits. Though the experience is unique to every individual, in general, it gives a subtle euphoric feeling, leaving you ready to meditate or to appreciate the restful state of your own body.

The Oxygen Bar is conveniently located within the Serenity Room in an area capable of being partitioned off for added privacy. Lie back in one of our handsome and extremely comfortable leather-upholstered chaise lounges and breathe in deeply as the 92-98% pure Oxygen, or “O2”, relieves your stress while boosting your energy. (By comparison, the atmosphere is about 20-25% O2 naturally.)

Consider enjoying an add-on treatment while receiving your O2. A foot or back massage or a chair massage before, during, or after treatment is the perfect complement; the massage allows further relaxation, greater stress relief, and better flow of oxygen.  We encourage spa guests to use the O2 Bar on entering the Serenity Room to facilitate inner healing so that you can spend the rest of the day in a state of peacefulness.

The O2 Bar is available for 10-20 minute treatments, not to exceed 20 minutes. ($1 per minute). Guests who use the O2 Bar will need an O2 nose piece, which is purchased separately and can be taken home to be re-used on the next visit and again thereafter.

Unwind and Breathe is a unique Gothic Eves treatment. 20 minute O2bar treatment cleverly combined with an 30 minute hot stone and oil massage/reflexology treatment of the feet by one of our therapist. Sure to relax you after your very worst day.  $70