Serenity Room

Absorb the tranquility of the Finger Lakes and our spa in the Serenity Room – a quiet, intimate space designed to restore energy. Spend endless time resting in our comfortable chairs with soft throws and pillows and prop your feet on our cushy ottomans as you contemplate being in the now. In here, no clock will remind you of the passing of time. Moreover, we ask that cell phones and other personal electronic devices be left at the door so that the busy pace of life stays outside and does not distract the soothing atmosphere of the room.

Enhance the Serenity Room experience with some of our supplemental services. We recommend taking in the pure oxygen infused with a choice of soothing aromatics delivered by the Oxygen Bar. The Oxygen Bar is available for guests of the Serenity Room for between 10 to 20 minutes at a rate of $1/minute. Foot, back or chair massages are also options. We offer these for a sessions lasting 15-30 minutes; these are available for $1 per minute with a 15 minute minimum.

Unwind and Breathe is a unique Gothic Eves treatment. 20 minute O2bar treatment cleverly combined with an 30 minute hot stone and oil massage/reflexology treatment of the feet by one of our therapist. Sure to relax you after your very worst day.  $70

Day passes are available for visitors to enjoy the Serenity Room for $20; these provide access to the luxurious and spacious spa shower as well as a locker for storing personal belongings.