With Massage Therapist, Adrienne

This journey is a very intimate one. It allows one to take a moment for oneself. To take a deeper look at the parts of yourself that have been hurt, broken, and overlooked. The fundamental techniques used in this session are integrated massage and Reiki, and crystal therapy. Your guide in this journey is a licensed massage therapist and a Reiki Master (trained with Amy D’Angelo of Amethyst Reiki in Fulton, NY). The space provided is one free of all judgement, free of any and all expectations of yourself, and its focus is to bring love and acceptance back into these broken parts of you. 

The session will begin with an offering of intention. Your therapist, Adrienne, will select intentions drawn to her and gift them to you as an offering. Four intentions will lay face down before you. Through your own wisdom and guidance, you will select the intention that most calls to you. Once that intention is revealed, Adrienne will make a short statement of the importance of this intention as it relates to this individualized session.

A deep breath will be then taken together as the journey within begins. 
Adrienne works to balance the energy body through Reiki energy healing and chakra systems. She in tandem will also be releasing tensions and turmoils held on to within the physical body through massage. 

Our culture has created a world in which vulnerability is a weakness but during this journey, you and Adrienne will overcome this misconception. She will open herself to allow you the time and space necessary for these areas within you to surface, to be seen and heard. For some, this can be quite emotional and it is important that you allow all that you feel to come forward. By feeling, your path of healing begins. By opening yourself to the energy flowing around you, as well as within you, Adrienne can help to bring harmony, feelings of peace, serenity, and well being to those in her care. 

Adrienne believes that by giving these buried and broken parts of yourself life, your mind, body, and soul become more aligned. Through this journey, you begin to step into a more authentic version of yourself, one that accepts all the beautiful and broken areas that create the magnificence of you. 

With each session with Adrienne, deeper parts of yourself will surface. Through her spiritual wisdom, she may be called to bring crystal healing stones into the sessions. Each stone offering healing to the associated chakra. At the end of the session, you will be gifted in taking a crystal that speaks to you most with you. It is her hope that your crystal will forever be a reminder of the light you bring into this world. It will act as a token of the appreciation you have for yourself, and most notably, it will always be a source of gratitude for the journey that is your own, the journey within!

Length of time: Approx. 2 hours

Cost: $249 per person