Crystal Therapy at Our Finger Lakes Spa

In a crystal therapy session at our Finger Lakes Spa, the practitioner chooses crystals that match the ideal vibration of each of the client’s subtle energetic centers based on both intuition and knowledge of the physical properties of various crystals.

When placed intentionally and in harmony, the crystals help guide the subtle energy centers back to their most natural, healthy resonance. The crystal therapy session may also incorporate a pendulum reading of your chakras and the application of crystals to your chakra areas. Reiki may be used before, during, or after the session.

Each session will last 75-minutes. During this time, you will fall into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation on the therapy table, fully clothed, while your subtle energy fields are assessed and balanced. Specifically chosen crystals are placed below, on, or next to areas of your body including your feet, legs, knees, abdomen, arms, hands, shoulders, forehead, and above the head.

When subtle energy blocks are freed, there can be accompanying physical and emotional reactions. Not everyone experiences releases but be aware that if you do, it is perfectly normal. Most people experience a deeper sense of relaxation and peace once the balance has been achieved and the reaction has dissipated.

Crystal Therapy Sessions:

Chakra Energy Balance with Crystals – In this 75-minute session, crystals are placed on (or near) the body at each of the seven main chakra energy centers. Crystals are chosen based on, clients’ intentions, their affinity for each chakra, and whether the chakra’s energy presents as overactive, underactive, or stagnant. The energetic vibrations of the crystals help bring unbalanced energy back into alignment, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. As the session is personalized, our practitioner will work with you and your energies to set an intention for the season. Suggested intentions: Self Love & Acceptance, Peace, Abundance & Joy. Price $125

Crystal Chakra Balancing Add-In – Add a crystal therapy treatment to your massage, Reiki, or Eden Energy Medicine session. With this add-in, our practitioners will place selected crystals under the massage table to align with and balance the client’s chakras. Clients will get to leave with one of each stone used in their session. Price $75

Please Note: Gratuity is not included in our above pricing. We suggest bringing cash or a check so it may go directly to the practitioner.

Sourcing & Sale of Our Gemstones

Many of the crystals used at the Spa at Gothic Eves are sourced from Hashnu Stones, a local lapidary studio. At our newly added stone shop, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of high-end and unusual stones, along with affordable favorites. Stones are individually priced. If interested, please ask for assistance from your practitioner. We’d be happy to show you our collection before or after your session.


Crystal & Stone Discovery Class

Are you curious about crystals, their properties, and their benefits but don’t know where to start? If so, this is the class for you! Introducing our crystal discovery class. We offer this class to individuals who are new to the crystal world and desire to understand the benefits of crystal therapy. In this class, our teachers will educate you on the properties and uses of various crystals and stones and will teach you how to utilize them in your daily life. At the end of class, students will be given a crystal goodie bag and a book on using and identifying stones to take home. There will also be time for students to ask questions about their particular needs and get suggestions on stones they can use to work with them.

Class schedule coming soon!