Massage at our Finger Lakes Day Spa

All Therapists at our Day Spa are trained locally.  Our therapist have been handpicked and are fairly compensated for their professional services.  I take great pride in paying my therapist double the going rate of other local Spas in the Finger Lakes.  I want my clients to benefit from the services offered but I want my therapists to benefit and sustain their practice, as well.  

Your experience at our Finger Lakes Day Spa should be given by a therapist who is respected and honored for their trade.  Please join me in this effort in providing exceptional care from exceptional therapists in a beautiful environment at the Day Spa at Gothic Eves.

Full-Body Massage

A full-body massage increases circulation and relaxation.  The professional therapists at our Finger Lakes Day Spa will spend time with you before each massage and combine modalities to meet special needs.

    • 75 Minutes: $115
    • 90 Minutes: $142.50
    • 75 Minutes: Couple $230
    • 90 Minutes: Couple $285

Deep Tissue Massage

A full-body massage where the massage therapist uses heavy pressure to target your muscles. Deep tissue is best for people with muscle pain and chronic problems. Please: Call our Day Spa in advance to book a deep tissue massage so we can have a massage therapists available who does deep tissue massage.

    • 75 Minutes: $155
    • 90 Minutes: $187.50
    • 75 Minutes: Couple $310
    • 90 Minutes: Couple $375

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy involves the placement of smooth, flat, water-heated stones on trigger points of the body to promote deeper muscle relaxation. The heat from the stones loosens up muscles, thereby allowing the massage therapist to manipulate deep tissues more effectively during massage.  

Benefits of hot stone therapy can include relief from chronic pain, stress reduction and deep relaxation.  Also, hot stones expand the blood vessels; this, in turn, improves circulation and releases toxins from the body.

    • 75 Minutes: $155
    • 90 Minutes:  187.50
    • 75 Minutes: Hot Stone Couple  $310
    •  90 Minutes: Hot Stone Couple $375

Gratuity is not included in our above pricing. We suggest bringing cash or check so it may go directly to the massage therapist.