Energy Work

This old art of balancing energy flows within your body has gained popularity.  It is all the rage with young people and also with those people who are suffering and looking for an alternative to western medicine.  Reiki is an energetic embracement of your surroundings.  Our trained practitioner is trained to gather the universal energy and channel it to you.  This results in an enlightenment to your energetic flow showing the practitioner the areas of low energy.  The practitioner will rebalance your energy fields with their guided hands.  Most treatments do not include massage but this can be incorporated with our therapist who are licensed to practice both.


Common usage of the term “dis-ease,” a slight twist on the word “disease” meant to draw emphasis on the natural state of “ease” being imbalanced or disrupted, signals a shift in focus of the healing community toward the science of emotions. In the fast pace of modern day life, the actual act of living and enduring constantly changing emotions often creates substantial stress. This in turn generates chemical imbalances in the organs and tissues of our bodies that can lead to disease and illness. Reiki is the Japanese practice of relieving the body of troubled areas by changing the energy which then alters the body’s chemistry, thereby eliminating the client’s stress and ultimately halting the development of disease.

> Resting Healing Session $95 | Couple $190
> Assisted Reiki Healing Session $115 | Couple $230
> Guided Meditation Healing Session $115 | Couple $230

Sacred Journey

Sacred Journey is a profound healing experience involving massage and shaman practices. A heart drum is played during the session while the massage therapist relaxes the client and the shaman guides the journey. The drum vibrates at the same resonation of a human heart, releasing many emotions, visions, deep desires to be known and expressed through many mediums.

The session starts with a questionnaire and discussion of the client’s intentions for the session. The client is given some time to relax as the massage begins. Soon after, the drumming starts and the shaman and therapist lead the client through his/her thoughts and what the client sees and feels.  Skillfully guided inquiry combined with the shamanic drumming facilitates a shift from the mind to the heart to access the client’s deeply-held beliefs and realities to gain further insight. A post-journey discussion helps clarify and bring meaning to the experience. Often, all three people come away with similar impressions, and other times their reactions are very different.  The conversation and observations shared will be written down for the client, who can revisit the transcript and continue to reflect on the experience after the session. Typically, clients who benefit most from energy work are those who seek enlightenment, some direction following a life-changing event, or healing after a loss.

> 90 Minutes: $285