Energy Services at Our Finger Lakes Spa

Eden Energy Medicine classes and retreats coming soon! 

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM)

Eden Energy Medicine brings an exquisite understanding of the body’s energies and is a self-empowering choice for health care.

Designed by master healer and teacher, Donna Eden, the Eden Method teaches simple yet profound techniques that create balance in your body and its energy systems so you can relieve pain, strengthen your body, clear your mind, and have a more healthy and joyful life. 

Energy is your life force! Flowing through your body, this life force impacts every cell, every process, every intricate structure of who you are and how you function, down to your DNA. The vibrancy of your energy systems determines your vitality, resilience, mental clarity, and the strength of your immune system. 

The health of your energies is the health of your body!

EEM Sessions

Initial Consult:

It’s foundational to start EEM with education and intention. This 30-minute consultation is designed to:

  • Educate –  explain what EEM can and can’t do.
  • Establish information – use muscle testing to develop a baseline of data to measure improvement over time.
  • Answer questions – understand your concerns, goals, and set intentions for each session.

Price: $0

Eden Energy Medicine Sessions: 90 minutes

Now the work can begin! In a 90-minute Eden Energy session, our practitioner will work with the body’s 9 energy systems to bring about the happiness that results when your life is in harmony with your deepest nature.  During your session, our practitioner will assist your body in a much deeper and direct way by directing the energies and encouraging them to move in healthy patterns. This is done by clearing stuck energies, correcting their direction, reconnecting disrupted energy patterns, and increasing the flow of energy.  Most clients find it profound and very calming. Our practitioner will track your energies and progress through muscle testing throughout the session. This is a science-based medicine using ancient Chinese and Japanese teachings. 

Price per single session: $135

Buy a series of 4 or more sessions: $110 per session

Clients can choose to work on their energies over a longer period of time, allowing layers of stuck energy, trauma, shock, pain, and imbalances to be released, increasing their overall health and vitality. 

Note: The number of recommended sessions will vary based on your individual needs.

Our mission is to teach you simple tools that will:  

  • Keep you healthy and vital
  • Support your body’s natural healing abilities
  • Bring about the happiness that results when your life is in harmony with your deepest nature

Energy Work: Reiki

Reiki is the Japanese practice of relieving the body of troubled areas by changing the energy which then alters the body’s chemistry, thereby eliminating the client’s stress and ultimately halting the development of a disease.

Common usage of the term “dis-ease,” a slight twist on the word “disease” meant to draw emphasis on the natural state of “ease” being imbalanced or disrupted. This “dis-ease” is a shift in focus of the healing community toward the science of emotions as opposed to Western medicine. Many of our practitioners – across massage therapy, crystal therapy, and energy medicine – use Reiki in their sessions. If you specifically would like someone who practices Reiki with those other modalities, please request one when booking a treatment.

In the fast pace of modern-day life, the actual act of living and enduring constantly changing emotions often creates substantial stress. This, in turn, generates chemical imbalances in the organs and tissues of our bodies that can lead to disease and illness.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki sessions vary in length depending on the current energy state of the client’s body. Approximately 30-60 minutes. We offer two sessions:

  • Reiki Healing Session 
  • Guided Meditation Healing Session 

Price: $115 per 60 minutes, $60 per 30 minutes


Crystal Chakra Balancing Add-In – Add a crystal therapy treatment to your massage, Reiki, or Eden Energy Medicine session. With this add-in, our practitioners will place selected crystals under the massage table to align with and balance the client’s chakras. Clients will get to leave with one of each stone used in their session.

Price: $75