The Sauna at our Finger Lakes Spa

For even more luxury beyond our traditional spa services, now you can enjoy relaxing in our far infrared (FIR) sauna at our Finger Lakes Spa. A FIR sauna uses carbon fiber heaters that emit infrared light that the body absorbs the same way it soaks up sunlight – through the skin’s surface – thereby allowing deeper tissue penetration.

Infrared energy heats the body from the inside out, raising the core temperature and inducing sweat production, at an air temperature significantly cooler than that of traditional saunas. In the end, the body receives all the healthy benefits of the sauna without the discomfort and harmful effects brought on by extreme heat.

Benefits of FIR sauna treatment:

  • Flush out toxins in the body
  • Lower blood pressure and relax muscles
  • Reduce joint pain and stiffness associated with some diseases
  • Stave off an oncoming cold or shorten its duration
  • Improve skin tone and minimize signs of aging
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Best of all – enjoy these benefits in a more soothing and comfortable environment!

At our Finger Lakes Spa, we limit use of sauna to two people per session, which allows guests to stretch out and enjoy the relaxing experience they deserve.

Guests at our Finger Lakes Spa will also appreciate the sauna’s ambiance-enhancing features, to include mood light therapy and the integrated sound system. Mood light therapy will help set the tone for the session. The sauna’s overhead light emits ambient light of many colors; guests can choose to have the lighting rotate through the spectrum of colors or select a single color that best fits your frame of mind.

The sauna also comes fitted with an audio system, into which guests can hook up their smartphone to listen to music that matches your taste and mood.

A 20-minute treatment in the sauna at our Finger Lakes Spa is sure to relieve stress, warm your core and leave you invigorated. Spa sessions are available for 10 minutes minimum and up to 20 minutes maximum. Use of the sauna is included in the price of a massage at our Finger Lakes Spa but an appointment is required. Please arrive 45 minutes before your massage time to use the sauna. 

Try a cool shower afterward to sweeten the overall experience. Sauna guests have access to the spa’s luxurious and spacious shower.